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About QuantumX

QuantumX at the University of Washington seeks to facilitate and support activities to accelerate quantum discoveries and technologies.

Focus Areas

QuantumX faculty and researchers are exploring the following areas:

Foundations and Consequences of Quantum Mechanics
Theoretical and experimental research of the foundations of quantum mechanics: wave function, measurement, entanglement.

Quantum Computation
Hardware, software, and algorithms to realize solutions to problems intractable on classical computers.

Quantum Materials and Materials for Quantum Information

Research of materials to enable quantum technologies and the study and synthesis of materials whose properties emerge from quantum interactions.

Quantum Communication and Networks
Hardware, software, and algorithms to realize secure communication protected by the laws of quantum mechanics. The development of quantum networks for scaling both communication and computation systems.

Quantum Sensing

Using quantum coherence and entanglement to achieve new limits in sensing

Quantum Simulation
Using controlled quantum systems to simulate materials from small molecules to solids, with applications ranging from more efficient electronics to clean energy.

Quantum Research at the UW

  • The Fu group is developing quantum networks for measurement-based quantum computing