Steering Committee

Steering Committee

QuantumX is guided by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and researchers from across the University of Washington.

Kai-Mei Fu
Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor of Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering


Arka Majumdar
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Physics


Daniel Pollack
Divisional Dean of Natural Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Jihui Yang
Vice Dean, College of Engineering

David Beck
Director of Research, eScience Institute
Research Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Karl F. Böhringer
Director, Institute for Nano-engineered Systems
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Forest Bohrer
Senior Technology Manager, CoMotion

Daniel Gamelin
Director, Molecular Engineering and Materials Center
Nicole A. Boand Endowed Chair in Chemistry

David Ginger
Co-Director, NWIMPACT
Chief Scientist, Clean Energy Institute
Alvin L. and Verla R. Kwiram Endowed Professor of Chemistry

Martin Savage
Senior Fellow, Institute for Nuclear Theory
Professor of Physics

Arthur Barnard
Assistant Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Assistant Professor, Physics

Steve Brunton
James B. Morrison Endowed Career Development Professor in Mechanical Engineering

Vince Holmberg
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

James Lee
Professor, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering

Mo Li
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mark Rudner
Associate Professor, Physics

Stefan Stoll
Professor & Associate Chair, Chemistry

Xiaodong Xu
Professor, Physics