Training & Courses


QuantumX seeks to cultivate a workforce with expertise in quantum science, engineering and technology. Relevant courses are offered through the UW departments of Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering.

Accelerating Quantum-Enabled Technologies (AQET), a new National Science Foundation Research Training program for UW graduate students, is one of the first quantum information science and technology programs to bring hardware and software scientists and engineers together at the trainee level. AQET trainees acquire the skills to develop new quantum materials, devices, and algorithms for applications in computation, communication, and sensing.

A new transcriptable Graduate Certificate in Quantum Information Science and Engineering (QISE) is being created, and will be ready for students to pursue starting in Autumn 2022. This Graduate Certificate in QISE is what all AQET trainees will receive after completing the program, but it can also be earned by students outside of the AQET NRT program. Check back later for more information about the Graduate Certificate in QISE, or email to learn more.


The following courses will be offered during the 2022-2023 Academic Year at UW. To see all Quantum-related courses that UW offers, click here

Keep in mind that these courses may not be available to every department, so make sure to learn more about courses you are interested in and confirm your eligibility. 

Courses marked below with * will satisfy a course requirement for the Graduate Certificate in QISE.

*EE 500Q: Quantum Information Science and Engineering Seminar
Weekly presentations from quantum scientists across multiple disciplines; covering industry, academia, and national lab experiences in QISE.
*required for QISE Certificate
Professor Kai-Mei Fu / Winter 2023