Jobs & Opportunities

QuantumX maintains a list of jobs and opportunities that are relevant for UW students interested in quantum-enabled technologies. Opportunities on this page will be listed for six months. Contact if you would like to share an opportunity with our community.


The Global Quantum Leap 

We will be seeking 4 undergraduate students for each program (8 total). Students should have previous lab research experience (such as an REU program). A strong background in quantum physics and/or materials science is needed for these programs.  Each exchange lasts approximately 10-12 weeks with travel, housing, and stipend provided by the GQL. Students will be able to choose from a group of projects when they apply and will work in research groups at their host institution.

If you are interested in applying and wish to receive application materials, please request an application by sending an email to Steven Koester, Jordan Schwed or Lynn Rathbun at: Applications will be sent out starting at the end of October, and applications will be due by November 22, 2023.

Northwestern University Professor in Quantum Information
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northwestern University is seeking outstanding candidates who are excited by the opportunity to help build the future of quantum information at a world-class university. Learn more and apply.

Summer 2022 Virtual Internship Fair at U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories
Registration is currently open for the DOE Summer Internship Fair. Opportunities are available for current students, recent college graduates, and university faculty. Learn more and register here.

Atomic Physicist with ColdQuanta- Boulder, CO
ColdQuanta would like to hear from experimental physicists preferably with an expertise in atomic clocks, frequency metrology, and spectroscopy. We are looking for self-motivated, energetic individuals with very strong technical skills. Candidates with experience in ultra-cold atoms, spectroscopy techniques, atomic clocks, and various related control systems are strongly encouraged to apply.
The candidate will collaborate on current research projects and support development of new concepts and approaches for future investigations. The physicist will work closely with a team consisting of fellow physicists, engineers and technicians. Learn more and apply. 

AMO Physicist with ColdQuanta – Simulation and Modeling
ColdQuanta would like to engage both experimental and theoretical physicists with expertise in Atomic Molecular Optical (AMO) physics. We are looking for individuals with strong ability in simulation and modeling of AMO and quantum physics. Applications should be self-motivated, energetic, and have great problem solving and technical skills. Candidates with experience doing simulation of quantum mechanical systems, atomic energy levels, Rydberg atoms, and cold and ultracold atoms are strongly encouraged to apply.
The candidate will contribute to the development of ColdQuanta’s quantum computing systems. Simulation and modeling work will impact gate and circuit implementations, noise mitigation techniques, system tuning, and system design. The position will support development of new concepts and approaches for future investigations. The physicist will work closely with a team consisting of fellow physicists, engineers, and technicians. Learn more and apply.

Student Opportunities

NSF/DOE Quantum Science Summer School
The NSF/DOE Quantum Science Summer School is a program dedicated to the education of graduate students and postdocs in the fields of condensed matter physics, materials science, and disciplines of quantum science in engineering, chemistry, and related fields. The annual summer school focuses on key topics of interest in quantum science and their applications to new technologies in academic and industrial contexts. The goal is to provide expert training to participants in these subfields by experts in the field in an intensive two week format. Learn more and apply

Intelligence Community Fellowships
The Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program offers scientists and engineers from a wide variety of disciplines unique opportunities to conduct research in a wide range of topics relevant to the Intelligence Community. The research is conducted by the Postdocs, in partnership with a Research Advisor while also collaborating with an advisor from the Intelligence Community. In partnership with the Research Advisor, the Postdoc composes and submits a technical proposal that responds to a current research opportunity. U.S. citizens and recent Ph.D. graduates or doctoral students who will soon complete their degrees are invited to apply.