UW physicist pens math-free tour of quantum mechanics and technology

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UW physics professor Miguel Morales has authored a seven-part series for Ars Technica on quantum mechanics for a general audience. One article in the series is rolling out each week from Jan. 10 to Feb. 21. Morales sat down with UW News to talk about the series, quantum mechanics and what he hopes the public can learn about this seemingly odd and possibly intimidating realm of science.

NQN Seminar Series: Can Quantum Computers Speed up Gradient Descent?

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November 25, 2020: Gradient descent is a popular algorithm in machine learning and optimization and finds many applications in theory and in practice. Microsoft Quantum Senior Researcher Robin Kothari asks, “Can quantum computers speed up this algorithm?” During this Northwest Quantum Nexus seminar, Kothari will discuss the meaning of the question, formalize the question in the context of prior work in this setting, and answer the question posed in this context.