QuantumX welcomes renowned physicist Charlie Marcus as co-chair

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Charlie Marcus, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of quantum physics, has been named co-chair of QuantumX, an interdisciplinary institute advancing and integrating quantum research, education and commercialization across the UW community. He serves as co-chair alongside Kai-Mei Fu, Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Mo Li

UW ECE Research Colloquium

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Lightning is seen much earlier than the thunder is heard because light travels nearly one million times faster than sound in air. In solid-state materials, however, the speed of sound increases while the speed of light slows down. Moreover, the acoustic wave traveling in the medium generates a periodic modulation of the medium’s optical properties, which can lead to strong interaction with the light traveling in the medium.

Two key materials for 20th and 21st century information technologies: Hybrids of semiconductors and superconductors

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Charlie Marcus, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and PhysicsMonday, Oct. 23 at 3:30 p.m. in room 220 of Guggenheim Hall Abstract:Technological and cultural epochs are often named for the materials advances that precipitated them (iron, bronze). By that custom, the information age could well be called the silicon age (Why silicon?). What material will […]

Enrique Garcia working on an antenna in QuantumX lab.

Showcasing student research

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At a top-tier research institution like the UW, research doesn’t take a summer break. In addition to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, many College of Engineering labs host undergraduates during the summer months, giving the students a unique, hands-on experience conducting cutting-edge engineering research alongside faculty.