Research Publications

Research Publications

Recent publications by UW faculty and collaborators in quantum-related fields can be found below. These publications span 2020-2022. Publications prior to 2020 can be found here.

InQubator for Quantum Simulation (IQuS) has many publications in this research area, that can be found here.

High accuracy steady states obtained from the Universal Lindblad Equation
arXiv:2206.02917 (2022)
Frederik Nathan, Mark S. Rudner

Description and complexity of Non-markovian open quantum dynamics
arXiv:2204.06936 (2022)
Rahul Trivedi

Convergence Guarantees for Discrete Mode Approximations to Non-Markovian Quantum Baths
Physical Review Letters 127, 250404 (2021)
Rahul Trivedi, Daniel Malz, and J. Ignacio Cirac

Simulatability of locally-interacting open quantum spin systems
arXiv:2110.10638 (2021)
Rahul Trivedi, J. Ignacio Cirac

How Dynamical Quantum Memories Forget
arXiv:2008.10611 (2021)
Lukasz Fidkowski, Jeongwan Haah, Matthew B. Hastings

Standard Model Physics and the Digital Quantum Revolution: Thoughts about the Interface
arXiv:2107.04769 (2021)
Natalie Klco, Alessandro Roggero, Martin J. Savage

Geometric Quantum Information Structure in Quantum Fields and their Lattice Simulation
Physical Review D 103, 065007 (2021)
Natalie Klco, Martin Savage

Dispersive coupling between MoSe2 and an integrated zero-dimensional nanocavity
Optical Materials Express 12, 59-72 (2022)
David Rosser, Dario Gerace, Yueyang Chen, Yifan Liu, James Whitehead, Albert Ryou, Lucio C. Andreani, and Arka Majumdar

Photonic Topological Baths for Quantum Simulation
ACS Photonics 9, 682-687 (2022)
Abhi Saxcena, Yueyang Chen, Zhuoran Fang, and Arka Majumdar

Long-range transport of 2D excitons with acoustic waves
Nature Communications 13, 1334 (2022)
Ruoming Peng, Adina Ripin, Yusen Ye, Jiayi Zhu, Changming Wu, Seokhyeong Lee, Huan Li, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Ting Cao, Xiaodong Xu, Mo Li

Tunable phononic coupling in excitonic quantum emitters
submitted (2022) [preprint]
Adina Ripin, Ruoming Peng, Xiaowei Zhang, Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Minhao He, Xiaodong Xu, Kai-Mei Fu, Ting Cao, and Mo Li

Direct Patterning of Perovskite Nanocrystals on Nanophotonic Cavities with Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing
Nano Letters 22, 5681-5688 (2022)
Theodore A. Cohen, David Sharp, Kyle T. Kluherz, Yueyang Chen, Christopher Munley, Rayne T. Anderson, Connor J. Swanson, James J. De Yoreo, Christine K. Luscombe, Arka Majumdar, Daniel R. Gamelin, and J. Devin Mackenzie

Two-tone Doppler cooling of radial two-dimensional crystals in a radio-frequency ion trap
Physical Review A 105, 023101 (2022)
Alexander Kato, Apurva Goel, Raymond Lee, Zeyu Ye, Samip Karki, Jian Jun Liu, Andrei Nomerotski, and Boris B. Blinov

Determination of the Spin Axis in Quantum Spin Hall Insulator Candidate Monolayer WTe2
Physical Review X 11, 041034 (2021)
Wenjin Zhao, Elliott Runburg, Zaiyao Fei, Joshua Mutch, Paul Malinowski, Bosong Sun, Xiong Huang, Dmytro Pesin, Yong-Tao Cui, Xiaodong Xu, Jiun-Haw Chu, and David H. Cobden

Optimal condition to probe strong coupling of two-dimensional excitons and zero-dimensional cavity modes
Physical Review B 104, 235436 (2021)
David Rosser, Dario Gerace, Lucio C. Andreani, and Arka Majumdar

Cold ion beam in a storage ring as a platform for large-scale quantum computers and simulators: Challenges and directions for research and development
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 24, 094701 (2021)
T. Shaftan and Boris B. Blinov

Integrated Quantum Nanophotonics with Solution-Processed Materials
Advanced Quantum Technologies 5, 2100078 (2021)
Yueyang Chen, David Sharp, Abhi Saxena, Hao Nguyen, Brandi M. Cossairt, Arka Majumdar

Spectrally stable near-surface implanted nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond and the role of surface proximity
arXiv:2105.09483 (2021)
Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Christian Pederson, Zeeshawn Kazi, Andrew Ivanov and Kai-Mei C. Fu

Photonic Topological Baths for Quantum Simulation
arXiv:2106.14325 (2021)
Abhi Saxena, Yueyang Chen, Zhuoran Fang, Arka Majumdar

Optical spin control and coherence properties of acceptor bound holes in strained GaAs
Physical Review B 103, 115412 (2021)
Xiayu Linpeng, Todd Karin, Mikhail V. Durnev, Mikhail M. Glazov, Rüdiger Schott, Andreas d. Weick, Arne Ludwig and Kai-Mei C. Fu

Direct observation of ion micromotion in a linear Paul trap
Physical Review A 103, 023105 (2021)
Liudmila A. Zhukas, Maverick J. Millican, Peter Svihra, Andrei Nomerotski, and Boris B. Blinov

Magnetic proximity and nonreciprocal current switching in a monolayer WTe2 helical edge
Nature Materials 19, 503–507 (2020)
Wenjin Zhao, Zaiyao Fei, Tiancheng Song, Han Kyou Choi, Tauno Palomaki, Bosong Sun, Paul Malinowski, Michael A. McGuire, Jiun-Haw Chu, Xiaodong Xu, and David H. Cobden

Metasurface Integrated Monolayer Exciton Polariton
Nano Letters 20, 5292–5300 (2020)
Yueyang Chen, Shengnan Miao, Tianmeng Wang, Ding Zhong, Abhi Saxena, Colin Chow, James Whitehead, Dario Gerace, Xiaodong Xu, Su-Fei Shi, and Arka Majumdar

Exciton–phonon interactions in nanocavity-integrated monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides
npj 2D Materials and Applications 4, (2020)
David Rosser, Taylor Fryett, Albert Ryou, Abhi Saxena & Arka Majumdar

High-precision local transfer of van der Waals materials on nanophotonic structures
Optical Materials Express 10, 645-652 (2020)
David Rosser, Taylor Fryett, Abhi Saxena, Albert Ryou, and Arka Majumdar

Active Tuning of Hybridized Modes in a Heterogeneous Photonic Molecule
Physical Review Applied 13, 044041 (2020)
Kevin C. Smith, Yueyang Chen, Arka Majumdar, and David J. Masiello

A Paul trap with sectored ring electrodes for experiments with two-dimensional ion crystals
Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 053201 (2020)
M. K. Ivorya, A. Katob, A. Hasanzadeh, and B. B. Blinov

​​Inverse-designed photon extractors for optically addressable defect qubits
Optica 7, 1805-1811 (2020)
Srivatsa Chakravarthi, Pengning Chao, Christian Pederson, Sean Molesky, Karine Hestroffer, Fariba Hatami, Alejandro W. Rodriguez and Kai-Mei C. Fu

Photon-mediated entanglement scheme between a ZnO semiconductor defect and a trapped Yb ion
Appled Physics Letters 117, 154002 (2020)
Jennifer F. Lilieholm, Vasileios Niaouris, Alexander Kato, Kai-Mei C. Fu, and Boris B. Blinov

The UW Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C) has many publications in this research area, that can be found here.

Mechanism of Electron Spin Decoherence in a Partially Deuterated Glassy Matrix
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 13, 5474-5479 (2022)
Samuel M. Jahn, Elizabeth R. Canarie, and Stefan Stoll

Large-N limit of spontaneous superradiance
arXiv:2202.05197 (2022)
Daniel Malz, Rahul Trivedi, Ignacio Cirac

Few-particle scattering from localized systems in spatially structured bosonic baths
arXiv:2009.06860 (2022)
Rahul Trivedi, Kevin Fischer, Shanhui Fan, Jelena Vuckovic

Enhancing Superradiance in Spectrally Inhomogeneous Cavity QED Systems with Dynamic Modulation
ACS Photonics 9, 2467-2472 (2022)
Alexander D. White, Rahul Trivedi, Kalyan Narayanan, and Jelena Vučković

Competing correlated states and abundant orbital magnetism in twisted monolayer-bilayer graphene
Nature Communications 12, 4727 (2021)
Minhao He, Ya-Hui Zhang, Yuhao Li, Zaiyao Fei, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Xiaodong Xu & Matthew Yankowitz

Control design for inhomogeneous broadening compensation in single-photon transducers
arXiv:2012.01718 (2021)
Sattwik Deb Mishra, Rahul Trivedi, Amir H. Safavi-Naeini, Jelena Vučković

Optimal two-photon excitation of bound states in non-Markovian waveguide QED
Physical Review A 104, 013705 (2021)
Rahul Trivedi, Daniel Malz, Shuo Sun, Shanhui Fan, and Jelena Vučković

Electrically tunable correlated and topological states in twisted monolayer–bilayer graphene
Nature Physics 17, 374-380 (2021)
Shaowen Chen, Minhao He, Ya-Hui Zhang, Valerie Hsieh, Zaiyao Fei, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, David H. Cobden, Xiaodong Xu, Cory R. Dean & Matthew Yankowitz

Intrinsic donor-bound excitons in ultraclean monolayer semiconductors
Nature Communications 12, 871 (2021)
Pasqual Rivera, Minhao He, Bumho Kim, Song Liu, Carmen Rubio-Verdú, Hyowon Moon, Lukas Mennel, Daniel A. Rhodes, Hongyi Yu, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Jiaqiang Yan, David G. Mandrus, Hanan Dery, Abhay Pasupathy, Dirk Englund, James Hone, Wang Yao & Xiaodong Xu

Symmetry breaking in twisted double bilayer graphene
Nature Physics 17, 26–30 (2021)
Minhao He, Yuhao Li, Jiaqi Cai, Yang Liu, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, Xiaodong Xu & Matthew Yankowitz

Quantitative Structure-Based Prediction of Electron Spin Decoherence in Organic Radicals
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, 3396-3400 (2020)
Elizabeth R. Canarie, Samuel M. Jahn, and Stefan Stoll

Exactly solvable model for a 4+1D beyond-cohomology symmetry-protected topological phase
Physical Review B 101, 155124 (2020)
Lukasz Fidkowski, Jeongwan Haah, and Matthew B. Hastings

Coherent Spin Precession and Lifetime-Limited Spin Dephasing in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals
Nano Letters 12, 8626–8633 (2020)
Matthew J. Crane, Laura M. Jacoby, Theodore A. Cohen, Yunping Huang, Christine K. Luscombe, and Daniel R. Gamelin

Tensor network approach to two-dimensional bosonization
Physical Review B 101, 155105 (2020)
Sujeet K. Shukla, Tyler D. Ellison, and Lukasz Fidkowski

Relativistic Effects in Magnetic Circular Dichroism: Restricted Magnetic Balance and Temperature Dependence
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 16, 4533-4542 (2020)
Shichao Sun and Xiaosong Li

The UW Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C) has many publications in this research area, that can be found here.

Microwave-Frequency Scanning Gate Microscopy of a Si/SiGe Double Quantum Dot
Nano Letters 22, 4807-4813 (2022)
Artem O. Denisov, Seong W. Oh, Gordian Fuchs, Adam R. Mills, Pengcheng Chen, Christopher R. Anderson, Mark F. Gyure, Arthur W. Barnard, and Jason R. Petta.

Integrated Quantum Nanophotonics with Solution-Processed Materials
Advanced Quantum Technologies 5, 2100078 (2022)
Yueyang Chen,David Sharp,Abhi Saxena,Hao Nguyen,Brandi M. Cossairt,Arka Majumdar

Tuning Hybrid exciton–Photon Fano Resonances in Two-Dimensional Organic–Inorganic Perovskite Thin Films
Nano Letters, (2021)
Franziska Muckel, Kathryn N. Guye, Shaun M. Gallagher, Yun Liu, and David S. Ginger

Surface Chemistry and Quantum Dot Luminescence: Shell Growth, Atomistic Modification, and Beyond
ACS Energy Letters 3, 977–984 (2021)
Forrest W. Eagle, Nayon Park, Melanie Cash, and Brandi M. Cossairt

Yb3+ Speciation and Energy-Transfer Dynamics in Quantum-Cutting Yb3+-Doped CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystals and Single Crystals
Physical Review Materials 4, 105405  (2020)
Joo Yeon D. Roh, Matthew D. Smith, Matthew J. Crane, Daniel Biner, Tyler J. Milstein, Karl W. Krämer, Daniel R. Gamelin

Directed Exciton Magnetic Polaron Formation in a Single Colloidal Mn2+:CdSe/CdS Quantum Dot
Nano Letters 3, 1896–1906 (2020)
Lorenz, S.; Erickson, C.; Riesner, M.; Gamelin, D. R.; Fainblat, R.; Bacher, G.

Spectroscopic Signatures of the B and H4 Polyatomic Nitrogen Aggregates in Nanodiamond
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124, 18275–18283 (2020)
Ryan A. Beck, Lixin Lu, Alessio Petrone, Amanda C. Ong, Peter J. Pauzauskie, and Xiaosong Li

Seeded Growth of Nanoscale Semiconductor Tetrapods: Generality and the Role of Cation Exchange
Chemistry of Materials 3, 4774–4784 (2020)
Michael J. Enright, Florence Y. Dou, Shenwei Wu, Emily J. Rabe, Madison Monahan, Max R. Friedfeld, Cody W. Schlenker, and Brandi M. Cossairt

InQubator for Quantum Simulation (IQuS) has many publications in this research area, that can be found here.

Error propagation in NISQ devices for solving classical optimization problems
arXiv:2203.15632 (2022)
Guillermo González-García, Rahul Trivedi, J. Ignacio Cirac

Quantum algorithms for powering stable Hermitian matrices
arXiv:2103.08329 (2021)
Guillermo González, Rahul Trivedi, J. Ignacio Cirac

Simulation of Collective Neutrino Oscillations on a Quantum Computer
arXiv:2102.12556 (2021)
Benjamin Hall, Alessandro Roggero, Alessandro Baroni, Joseph A Carlson

A Trailhead for Quantum Simulation of SU(3) Yang-Mills Lattice Gauge Theory in the Local Multiplet Basis
Physical Review D 103, 094501 (2021)
Anthony Ciavarella, Natalie Klco, Martin Savage

Optical Trapping of High-Aspect-Ratio NaYF Hexagonal Prisms for kHz-MHz Gravitational Wave Detectors
Physical Review Letters 129, 053604 (2022)
George Winstone, Zhiyuan Wang, Shelby Klomp, Greg R. Felsted, Andrew Laeuger, Chaman Gupta, Daniel Grass, Nancy Aggarwal, Jacob Sprague, Peter J. Pauzauskie, Shane L. Larson, Vicky Kalogera, and Andrew A. Geraci (LSD Collaboration)

Reduced photothermal heating in diamonds enriched with H3 point defects
Journal of Applied Physics 131, 234401 (2022)
Anupum Pant, Chaman Gupta, Katharina Senkalla, Greg Felsted, Xiaojing Xia, Tobias Spohn, Scott T. Dunham, Fedor Jelezco, and Peter J. Pauzauskie.

Wide-Field Dynamic Magnetic Microscopy Using Double-Double Quantum Driving of a Diamond Defect Ensemble
Physical Review Applied 15, 054032 (2021)
Zeeshawn Kazi, Isaac M. Shelby, Hideyuki Watanabe, Kohei M. Itoh, Vaithiyalingam Shutthanandan, Paul A. Wiggins, and Kai-Mei C. Fu

Laser refrigeration of optically levitated sodium yttrium fluoride nanocrystals
Optic Letters 46, 3797-3800 (2021)
Danika Luntz-Martin,R. Felsted,S. Dadras,Peter Pauzauskie,NickolasVamivakas