A screenshot of the conference poster with a picture of people attending a conference.

CQIQC Conference

The Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Control (CQIQC) at the University of Toronto, and the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences are hosting a conference August 26-30. It will continue the tradition of highlighting excellence and innovation in quantum research, as well as fostering collaboration within the quantum community worldwide. The full list of speakers is available on the conference website.  

Peter Krogstrup

The Novo Nordisk Foundation program on Quantum Computing

A QIS initiative by the Danish government, NATO, the Novo Nordic Foundation, and several other stakeholders is rapidly evolving around an idea of an international ecosystem for quantum technologies. As a central part of this, the Novo Nordic Foundation decided to establish an international and mission driven quantum computing program with a center hub at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.

A Theory for Quantum Learning in the NISQ Era

How can we learn inherently quantum phenomena? Not only is this question important for verification of quantum computation, but it is arguably one of the most basic learning theoretic questions about the physical world. In this talk, we will describe a line of work on understanding the complexity of learning with limited amounts of quantum memory, and more generally, learning on NISQ devices.