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EFRI ACQUIRE: An Integrated Quantum Communication Transmission Node [Grant]
Kai-Mei Fu (UW Physics / ECE), Maiken Mikkelsen (Duke ECE), Arka Majumdar (UW Physics / ECE), Alejandro Rodriguez (Princeton ECE)
Deterministic photonic graph-state repeater networks from solid state emitters integrated in chiral photonic circuits. The $2.2M NSF Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation program (EFRI) provides critical, strategic support of fundamental discovery at the frontiers of engineering research and education.

An Integrated Quantum Communication Transmission Node [Quantum Computing and Communication Hardware]
Kai-Mei Fu (PI, UW physics/ECE), Arka Majumdar (UW ECE/Physics), Alejandro Rodriguez (Princeton), Maiken Mikkelsen (Duke)
The project employed two transformative approaches to seek solutions to scaling quantum communication systems: an integrated hybrid-materials platform to realize multi-device functionality and state-of the art computational techniques to design the desired performance under the constraints of semiconductor fabrication processing.