Northwest Quantum Nexus Summit

UW QuantumX is partnering with Microsoft and PNNL to host the Northwest Quantum Nexus Summit on March 18-19. Limited space is still available at the summit, contact for more information.

About the Summit

With its robust ecosystem of high-tech industry, academia, and a leading national laboratory, the Pacific Northwest is a natural focal point in an exciting emerging technology: quantum information science.

On March 18-19, a coalition led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Microsoft Quantum, and the University of Washington will convene in Seattle for an inaugural summit to launch the Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN). The Summit will establish a center of geographic and intellectual gravity in the Northwest, where a talent pool can flourish and contribute to the quantum economy, through knowledge sharing, skill and experience development, research impacts, and community engagement.

We invite you to join leaders in quantum information science and fellow decision-makers for this inaugural workshop to share your perspectives on the future of quantum information science (QIS). At the Summit, we will explore how the Northwest can shape the future of quantum computing and its applications while giving back to the region by creating a vibrant industry that will contribute to the economic vitality of the region for decades to come.