NQN Workshop on Quantum Transduction

One of the primary bottlenecks in scaling quantum information networks lies in our current inability to efficiently control qubit interactions with high fidelity.

In scalable systems, interactions between similar qubits (e.g. two trapped ions) must be mediated via a quantum bus (e.g. phonons, photons). Similarly, different types of qubits excel at different tasks (e.g. fast operations vs. long storage times) so there is motivation to efficiently engineer interactions between dissimilar qubits.

On November 14-15, the Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN) brought together experts across many qubit platforms to define and seek solutions to the outstanding challenges in qubit transduction for a workshop at the University of Washington.

This 2-day workshop included several different focus sessions in which a series of 3-4 short talks were followed by an open discussion with all workshop participants. Focus session topics included photon-photon transduction, photon-spin transduction, ion-superconducting qubit transduction, interfacing to topological qubits, and machine learning to facilitate quantum measurement, control, and transduction.

This workshop was supported by NSF under Award 1936932.

Workshop Agenda
Workshop Participants